The International network SFAI incorporates new associated firms

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The International network SFAI incorporates new associated firms in Europe as Dealcontrol BV, in charge of Tom Meevis and based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The firm expertise skills are Legal, Tax, Accounting, Compliance among others. In America, BHR Nuevo México Group S.C., a firm leaded by Carlos Brito, specialized in Audit, Corporate, Legal, Tax, Forensic, […]

SFAI Annual Meeting 2019 in Annecy (France)

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The International network for professionals services SFAI closed its Annual Meeting  2019 in Annecy last Friday, the 25th October, in a great gala evening after two days of sharing conversations, experiences and expertise among more one hundred attendances. The network is growing fast worldwide and SFAI assists global customers’ needs wherever those are placed, from […]

Investing in Spain 2015

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Invest in Spain is published by SFAI Spain prepared for anyone interested in investing in Spain has a first summary information on aspects that may interest of our country. Investing in Spain 2015