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New member firm at SFAI international network in Lagos, Nigeria

Posted By SFAI Spain    11/05/2022   Uncategorized @en

SFAI, the international professional service network, announce the incorporation of a new firmin Nigeria. AA TAX MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICE is led by Akeem Adekunjo. They are based in Lagos. The firm is highly specialized in tax solutions ranging from conceptualization to implementation and sustainable defence. They provide services with strong adherence to ethical behavior, integrity, honesty, professionalism, trustworthiness, and long-term mutually beneficial […]

The SFAI network ranks 17th on the list of international professional services networks

Posted By SFAI Spain    11/03/2022   Uncategorized @en

The SFAI network occupies the 17th position with a growth of 12% according to the 2021 Professional Services Networks ranking published by the International Accounting Bulletin this February. SFAI has an international presence in more than 100 countries, with 270 offices and more than 12,000 qualified professionals providing services in:   Corporate legal consulting Human […]

New member firm in Croatia

Posted By SFAI Spain    21/12/2021   Uncategorized @en

SFAI network integrates a new member firm in Croatia: FIRMAR D.O.O is a professional firm based in Split and it is led by Mario Filipovic and Kata Filipovic. The firm provides professional services in: Audit Finance & Accounting Financial analysis Tax advisory Consultancy Valuation of companies, assets and liabilities Court expertise Economic evaluation for investment […]

New SFAI’s member firm in Uganda

Posted By SFAI Spain    05/11/2021   Uncategorized @en

SFAI network integrates a new member firm in Africa: FRANC & RICH ASSOCIATES is a professional firm based in Kampala. It is led by Francis Wanyama. The company is a team of qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to add value to their clients, and optimize the benefits accruing to them. Geared to offering sound solutions […]

New member firm in Cameroon

Posted By SFAI Spain    19/10/2021   Uncategorized @en

The international network SFAI has a new member firm, that is DL & ASSOCIATES LLC, a company led by Daniel Lobe. They are based in Douala, Cameroon. The firm covers the following countries professional services’ needs: – Gabon – Congo – Tchad – Republic of Central Africa – Equatorial Guinea   Besides that, the core […]

New member firm in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Posted By SFAI Spain    13/10/2021   Uncategorized @en

The international law firm network adds a new professional services associate in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The firm Go Office d.o.o. Sarajevo led by Aldijana Gabela and Jasmina Orucevic has great expertise in financial, labor and legal services such as: Establishment and commercial registration VAT registration Calculation of salary and salary tax Internal management reports Financial […]

New associated firm to SFAI network

Posted By SFAI Spain    21/09/2021   Uncategorized @en

The SFAI network of professional firms expands its network of representation in the African territory with the incorporation of the firm RANS & ASSOCIATES PTY. LTD, which is based in Gaborone, Botswana. This firm is led by Tumelo Rannau and is a specialist in taxation, accounting and business services.

New member firm at Belgrade

Posted By SFAI Spain    23/08/2021   Uncategorized @en

The international network SFAI, present worldwide incorporates a new member firm in Serbia. KLS REVIZIJA is a professional firm led by Ivan Stevović and Dana Krsmanović. They have experience in working with clients since 2002, in industries and activities in the corporate business, public and NGO sectors. The firm has a permit for performing auditing […]

New member firm in Côte d’Ivoire

Posted By SFAI Spain    23/08/2021   Uncategorized @en

SFAI, the international network for professional services incorporates a new member firm in Abidjan CÔTE D’IVOIRE. ABCD CONSULTING is a Limited Liability Company created in January 2009. An accounting, auditing and statutory audit company, the firm has capitalized on a wealth of professional experience in terms of support and support for managers and business leaders. […]

New member firm in Sri Lanka

Posted By SFAI Spain    23/08/2021   Uncategorized @en

SFAI, the international network for professional services incorporates a new member firm in Asian area, Sri Lanka. TAXPERTS LANKA PVT. LTD. is a firm led by Damith Gangodawilage, based in Colombo. TAXPERTS is the first fintech company that provides taxation-as-a-service (TaaS) for citizens and businesses to make their tax compliance easy. Services provided:   Tax […]