New member firm in Benin, Africa

Posted By SFAI Spain    24/02/2023   Uncategorized @en

SFAI incorporates a new member firm in Benin, Africa.   CAUDEXCO SAS is a firm led by Eric Monlandjo and Hadabalo Gnebigneb and it is based in Cotonou providing services on:   Audit Accounting Advice Wit a very strong customer orientation and spirit of advice the firm adapt itself to the context and monitore the operational integration […]

New member firm in Togo, Africa

Posted By SFAI Spain    23/02/2023   International Business, International Network

SFAI international professional network integrates a new member firm in Africa. KEKAR-AMASE LTD. is a firm led by Eric Monlandjo, and it is based in Lomé. Since its creation, the firm has carried out several missions of Statutory Auditors, accounting, financial and operational auditing, management consulting, training and organizational development, technical support, study and institutional analysis development […]