SFAI adds two new partners in the Middle East and North Africa

Posted By SFAI Spain    20/01/2021   Uncategorized @en

The SFAI Executive Board is pleased to announce the addition of a new firm in its quest to build a strong and proactive international group of professional services. In the Middle East and North Africa we have the firm KHLIL AUDIT-CONSEILS, led by Dah Cheikh Khlil based in Nouakchott.

The main areas of intervention of the firm are:

  • Legal audit, contractual audit and legal review of the accounts of public companies
  • Financial, accounting and organizational audit
  • Organization and implementation of procedure manuals
  • Accounting assistance (supervision and advice)
  • Institutional support and capacity building
  • The study of projects
  • Valuation of companies

SFAI Spain

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