SFAI celebrates 25 years anniversary

Posted By SFAI Spain    15/01/2021   Uncategorized @en

SFAI celebrates 25 years anniversary since its foundation. The international network has decades of professional services experience in consultancy and advisory for businesses worldwide.

Based in the USA, SFAI provides tax, labour, legal, corporate, M&A, Data Protection, auditing, accounting and management consulting services through its network of professional firms around the world. SFAI counts today with a presence in more than 80 countries, more than 250 offices and more than 11,000 specialist professionals.

 We are a professional services firm helping clients to develop better business strategies, which are built on their inherent strengths and on their unique potentials: the philosophy of the company, how the firm is organized in order to understand market opportunities and client needs, and the methods they use to offer products and services.

SFAI Spain

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