SFAI European virtual conference

Posted By SFAI Spain    30/06/2021   Uncategorized @en

The international network of professional services SFAI has held the European Conference virtually today, Wednesday, June 30. The objective of the conference was to meet the new 16 partners in Europe, their skills and services as well as share the work developed by the members of the network.

The conference has been presented by the president of SFAI, Alfredo Spilzinger, and organized by the team of Nadège Martinet, SFAI France. Among the attendees were SFAI representatives in England, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Georgia, Estonia, Romania, Austria, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Belarus, Switzerland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Switzerland.

The SFAI international network has 941 associates in 107 countries and a staff of more than 12.000 professionals.

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